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"John C. Peckham’s hermeneutically sophisticated work on the love of God is clearly committed to the authority of the biblical text, and to letting it guide his conclusions. The result is an important contribution on issues that are absolutely central to both biblical and systematic theology. This book deserves serious attention from scholars all across these disciplines."

Jerry Walls

Houston Baptist University

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Nicholas Wolterstorff

Yale University

Craig G. Bartholomew

Tyndale House, Cambridge

Paul Copan

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Oliver Crisp

University of St. Andrews

David Baggett

Liberty University

". . . fills an important gap in the literature addressing the problem of evil; his book is both faithful to Scripture and philosophically sound. Peckham effectively builds his case in a manner that neither affirms evil as necessary; diminishes genuine human freedom; nor surrenders divine omnipotence, omniscience, or omnibenevolence. His bold treatment of cosmic conflict in relation to the problem of evil is insightful. Well done!"

"What strikes me about The Love of God: A Canonical Model is four things: its learning, sophistication, originality and comprehensiveness." Peckham "displays a subtle and sophisticated grasp of the issues; he is sure-footed in theology, biblical interpretation and philosophical theology. . . . the author looks at God's love from a larger number of different angles; every other treatment that I know of is 'pinched' by comparison."

“In our day it takes courage and wisdom to grasp the nettle of canonicity and John Peckham manifests both in this important new book. . . and does so clearly, with a refreshing and astonishingly wide range of engagement, pushing towards the conclusion that Scripture is intrinsically authoritative as the Word of God. . . . In my view this is precisely the sort of work we need our best and brightest theologians to do today."

". . . a one-stop-shop overview of this debate. It includes contributions from across the theological spectrum with representative scholars writing in a dialogical format. This way readers quickly get a sense of the central issues in the debate from different perspectives in the discussion. The result is a clearly written symposium from which scholars and students alike will benefit. I heartily recommend it!"

“Laudably even-handed and researched, elegantly written and explicated, Peckham's eagerly anticipated, student-friendly contribution is a treasure trove. Exploring God's existence is valuable; asking who God is priceless. Peckham investigates the latter by deftly navigating an expansive, philosophically and theologically sophisticated literature to mine substantive doctrine with fertile and far-reaching implications.”

Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

Fuller Theological Seminary

". . . a highly sophisticated and fine-tuned account of the divine attributes. . . . Peckham allows Scripture to be the source, norm, and final arbiter. Thereby, this fine study avoids the trap of attempting a description of the living God of the Bible in abstract, half-empty formal terms; instead, a dynamic, inviting, and spiritually nourishing testimony to who God is and what God does emerges out of a careful exegetical-systematic reflection."

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