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"A new Peckham book is always an event, and Theodicy of Love does not disappoint. Theologically and philosophically adept, exegetically sound, and analytically rigorous, it offers a rich biblical theodicy in the face of the evidential problem of evil. Peckham's contribution goes beyond the limitations of a freewill defense and avoids skeptical theism while acknowledging significant epistemic limitations--all while skillfully avoiding an array of potential pitfalls. As fascinating as it is fearless, Peckham's judicious and perspicacious account assigns primacy to the suffering love of God, who--while operating within certain temporary covenantal strictures--is demonstrating his faithfulness and goodness against cosmic allegations to the contrary. This is an important contribution to theodicy that illuminates a plethora of challenging questions."

David Baggett

Professor of Philosophy

Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University


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